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Dear Beautiful Souls,

I am an international Therapist and Healer; I am based in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India and provide services around the globe. Below is a brief regarding my services. Completed successful Age Regressions (Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression therapy) and Future Life Progression therapy sessions SPIRIT releasement therapy, Spiritual healing, life between life therapy  etc.. Success Rate of 100% in the first therapy session to induce hypnotic trance state and for successful therapy. No prior preparation needed for the Regression, Progression, Hypnotherapy.Very focused sessions, one session equivalent to 2-3 normal sessions. Wonderful spiritual experiences, as per your condition, and deep healing using most advanced spiritual methods.


This Training Program is a certified course designed to help you in the following ways:

  • ¬†It imparts training in the Past-Life-Regression thereby enabling you to practice it on people who are in need of Healing without any medicine.
  • If you are already practicing some form of holistic/alternative therapy, then this training helps you to integrate Past-Life-Regression into your existing field of healing.
  • It helps you in your quest for Inner Transformation and Spiritual Growth.