Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy in Salem

Curious about why certain patterns just keep repeating themselves in your life? About why you instantaneously like or dislike a person in the first instant? Many problems in our life are actually rooted in our past.

1.Unravel Your Past and Heal Your Future:

Unbelievable as it may sound, healing your past can drastically improve your present as well as your future. Let us understand this principle with a simple example. Imagine a little boy Johnny, whose uncle died in a plane crash. Now little Johnny’s impressionable mind has registered this fact so intensely, that when he grows up, he finds that he has a strong fear of flying. Its not a big deal after all, he thinks. He’ll just take the train! But when he starts climbing up the corporate ladder, and finds that he now has to make numerous business trips and cannot tell his boss that he doesn’t want to go because he’s afraid he’ll die on the plane… things start getting really difficult.  Is it really dangerous to fly? Johnny does his research on the internet and finds that flying is actually the safest means of transport and that one is much more susceptible to dying if one is walking on a footpath. Fine, but does this knowledge cure him of his fear? No! Because fear doesn’t listen to reason! What Johnny needs to do is go back to that fateful day when his uncle died, and heal the impact of that news.

2. But, Do Past Lives Really Exist?

There are a few people who see a few past lives with completely verifiable information, and some even meet their past life relatives and comfort them. But these are not so common, and the average past life memory will usually have little or no verifiable information at all. Many people wake up after a past life regression and feel that they have imagined the whole thing – even with the most famous therapists in the world. This is common as we are not used to separating fantasies from retrived memories. Typically, your therapist will be able to help you tell the difference. But in totality, whether your ‘past life’ was real or imagined really does not matter. What really does matter is, irrespective of whether past lives are real or imagined, they heal. And the power of this healing is so tremendous, that it has now become a rage among logic-loving Westerners too, as well as scientific psychologists and psychiatrists. Many of these therapists don’t even believe in past lives, but they know that past life regression works like nothing else!

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